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The Cranberries albums in order of streaming popularity

In this infographic we analyze The Cranberries records legacy according to their Spotify statistics: from their most listened to to the least played album.

the cranberries discografia rankeada

The last Cranberries album, In the End, came out on April 26, 2019. It was completed by the rest of the band after the death of singer Dolores O’Riordan.

The Cranberries most popular albums

As expected, when conducting the survey I found that No Need to Argue (1994) is their top of the tops album: Zombie is perhaps the most emblematic song of The Cranberries and its streaming rates are overwhelming. But not only that, other songs from the album sneak into the band’s top 20: Dreaming my Dreams, Empty, Twenty One, Ridiculous Thoughts to name a few. The record is consistent and does not depend exclusively on the aforementioned hyperhit.

Different is the case of the debut, Everybody Else is Doing it so Why Can’t we? (1992). The streaming volume of this album is driven by two hits songs Linger and Dreams (thus, in the first and second order), while the rest of the album tracks do not perform so well and fall into the less transcendent of the band.

From there, the Irish act were unsuccessful in their attempt to stay relevant. In third place by far (very far) is Bury the Hatchet from 1999, which in my opinion is better than their first two albums. There are songs known as Just my Imagination, Animal Instinct or Promises, whose streaming rates are not even close to the most popular tracks of The Cranberries.

To settle this, in fourth place we find the album of acoustic versions Something Else, from 2017: a re-recording of all their classic songs mentioned up to here that only has three new songs. In short, a reminder of better times.

In fifth place appears To the Faithful Departed, for me the best album of The Cranberries. More rock oriented album, it has a solid, guitar-like sound and even more aggressive than the rest of its record production. Sharpened from his great Hollywood opener, he has other great songs like When you are gone, Free to decide, Salvation and Forever Yellow Skies.

The Cranberries least popular records

The worst of The Cranberries albums are their latest works: Wake up and Smell the Coffee (2001), Roses (2012) and the post-death work of Dolores O´Riordan, the aforementioned In the End. In defense of this last effort, it has only been out on the streets for a year so it is expected that it will be in the last position. Still, I doubt it will even reach a top 4 anytime soon.

Ultimately, The Cranberries were a band that achieved transcendence specifically on their first two albums. By the third and fourth albums their ability to produce such big hits had already diminished. And as for Dolores, we are left with the best memory of her sublime vocal performances with Zombie, Dreams and perhaps my favorite song in their catalog, Salvation.

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