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Foo Fighters albums in streaming popularity

In this infographic we see Foo Fighters´ best to his worst albums, their complete discography according to popularity on Spotify:

foo fighters discografia rankeada streams


Emerged in the mid-1990s, Foo Fighters have proven Dave Grohl‘s rock icon status. The former Nirvana drummer continues to this day and is capable of producing hits almost 30 years after Nevermind (1991).

Of course, Foo Fighters have released Medicine at Midnight in januaery 2021. But it is really too son to compare this album to the rest of their catalog. Perhaps I can come back to check how this recent album is doing in… 2022?

Foo Fighters most popular albums

One of the first things that struck me is the consistency of playbacks in the band’s discography: while The Colour and the Shape (1997) is clearly their most popular record, they have also achieved considerable success with their later work. Albums like Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (2007), Wasting Light (2011) or (the not so good in my opinion) In Your Honor (2005) are in the top 5 of their streaming.

The least significant of the band is the live acoustic album Skin and Bones (2006) and the self-titled debut (Foo Fighters 1995). In particular, I’m not surprised that Sonic Highways (2014) is among the least weighted of these post-grunge titans. That said, the overall numbers are excellent and are above many of their peers in the genre. Foo Fighters is still a solid group, synonymous with rock.

Foo Fighters most popular songs:

Here is a top 10 of Foo Fighters tracks:

  1. Everlong (The Colour and the Shape): 369,563,216 streams
  2. The Pretender (Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace): 337,263,805 streams
  3. Best of you (In Your Honor): 289,589,110 streams
  4. Learn to fly (There Is Nothing Left To Lose): 230,307,316 streams
  5. All My Life (One By One): 151,932,852 streams
  6. My Hero (The Colour And The Shape) 148,177,645 streams
  7. Walk (Wasting Light): 112,742,565 streams
  8. Monkey Wrench (The Colour And The Shape): 92,850,737 streams
  9. The Sky Is A Neighborhood (Concrete and Gold): 91,404,478 streams
  10. Times Like These (One By One): 86,211,152 streams

(* Data date: may 7th, 2020)

Three songs from The Colour and the Shape manage to sneak into the most played on Spotify, since they are classics now: My Hero, Everlong and Monkey Wrench. Other hymns such as The Pretender, Learn to Fly or Times Like These are also songs with which Foo Fighters has maintained its relevance.

Other things to notice? In line with the above, neither Sonic Highways nor the first Foo Fighters album have even one track at the top. On the other hand, breaking down the data in a top 40, the album that has the most even and consistent appearances is Wasting Light.

The band is up to the task of continuing to produce songs that fans like. I believe that innovative and hyper original rock is not the Foo’s sound mark, but (except for their last two albums) they have always shown an enviable ability to get hits from the stadium. And I toast to that.

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