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Other recommended music web content

Blogs, websites, and YouTube Channels for you to keep rocking.

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These are some of my favorite music content.

Music Web Sites:

  • La Cueva Cultural: I occasionally work on visual articles for this digital magazine
  • Silencio: Argentinian music blog with interviews, reviews, and a lot of good data.
  • Pitchfork: A classic in the music blog industry, in English with fresh news and opinions.
  • Consequence of Sound: Also another classic music website. Just be careful with their fact-checking, but it is an entertaining project to read.
  • Guxlar: Argentinian blog with data, important dates, and historical facts about diverse genres of music.
  • Band Map: To play for a little while. It lets you search for an artist and their relations with other artists as if you were browsing a galaxy!

To watch on YouTube:

Video Blogs:

  • Music Radar Clan: A music collector´s channel that works hard on his content.
  • The Needle Drop: By Anthony Fantano. Arguments, opinions, and reviews about music, records, and styles.
  • ShaunTrack: A YouTuber from Valencia, Spain, that deconstructs your favorite songs and artist from a production point of view.
  • The Beat Goes On: Short historical reviews about bands and artists.