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About Me

Digital Communicator, Design enthusiast and Music listener.

tomas gonzalez

Tomás González

I am a Web Content Manager with experience in digital design, web content writing and web content management. I have work experience in communication related to fields such as education, science, technology and digital marketing.

This is my personal website, where I work in design, communication and music. I listen to music albums on a daily basis and do extensive research on rock and pop artists and bands. Here I like to talk about music in a visual way.

Which is my academic background?

Master Degree in Digital Content and Social Media (Vigo University, Spain)
Bc. in Communication Science (Buenos Aires University, Argentina)
Usability and Accessibility Diploma (Technological National University, Argentina)

Which are my skills and abilities?

Digital Design: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

Web: HTML+css, WordPress, Drupal

Digital marketing: SEO, Analytics, Project Management

Writing: in English and Spanish, blog content

Which are my interests?

Apart from, obviously music, I am very interested in projects related to communication in the education field. For example, management of digital educational platforms, content development and dissemination of academic activities, among others.

Also, I am interested in cultural events and activities, especially when it is related to entertainment and didactic activities. I consider that content that enables users to play in a joyful manner are a strong engagement resource. Related to this, I like to get involved in projects related to digital media and social networks.

I am interested in subjects related to science, such as outreach activities, writing and graphic representation of scientific information.

Which is my music background?

I am mainly a bass player, eventhough I have played guitar and drums in specific music projects. I have experience in live performances and studio recordings.

Apart from this, I studied music recording and mixing briefly at Orion Studio, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My mostly used audio softwares are Audacity and Cubase.

How can you get in touch with me?

You can use the contact form page or you can find me on social media: