About Me

Digital Communicator, Design enthusiast and Music listener.

Tomás González

  • LicBc. in Communication Science
  • Diploma in Accessibility and Usability.
  • Master degree in Social Media Communication, Vigo University

I have professional experience in digital communication, Social Media, SEO, content creation and writing.

Skills: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, WordPress, HTML+CSS, among others.

About Me:

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

My professional work experience is mainly linked to digital communication and education areas, having worked for universities and for the public sector in Argentina.

During my work experience I have been part of some digital marketing agencies specialized in e-mail marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). As a result of this I am proficient in HTML and CSS. As a project leader I worked for the National Argentinian Government and the private university sector, where I had the opportunity to learn about UXCMS and web analytics.

I have professional experience especially in web site projects. I have worked with Bootstrap, Drupal, Moodle and WordPress. My skills include different builders (such as Divi, Elementor and Gutenberg), speed and cache plugins, as well as content localization.

About this music web site:

Music Data Blog is my personal music project. I create specific music infographics like influence diagramstime lines and album rankings and charts. Also in some occasions I comment and review records.

More about Music: I learned to play instruments when I was young and I had been part of many studio recording processes. Of course, I listen to albums in a regular basis and I create content about artists, bands and music. Some content that you can check here are the Radiohead influence chart and the Pink Floyd influence chart. Also you have the Arctic Monkeys streaming popularity chart and the Nirvana Story told as a Timeline.

Want to check more content? Please visit the Site map here.

This English version of this web site is really new for 2021. For more content you can also check the Spanish version of Music Data Blog.