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About Me

Hi! My name is Tom and I manage this music website. You can learn more about me right below.

hola tomas gonzalez
tomas gonzalez

Tomás González

I am a Web Content Manager with more than ten years of experience in digital design, content writing, and website management. I work on projects related to education, science, technology, and digital marketing.

Welcome to my personal website. Here I work on web design and content management, to create short visual stories about music.

Master’s Degree in Digital Content and Social Media

Vigo University, Spain.

Bc. in Communication Science

Buenos Aires University, Argentina.

Usability and Accessibility Diploma

Technological National University, Argentina.

Digital Design: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

Web: HTML+css, WordPress

Digital marketing: SEO, Analytics, Project Management

Writing: in English and Spanish, blog content

Design & Illustration: I enjoy working on digital design, creating landing pages, and visual content pieces.

Writing: I enjoy writing about different topics, such as education, technology, culture, and marketing. I blend this with my technical abilities for web optimization, as this is what I do for a living.

Technology: As part of my work, I like to stay updated on digital marketing trends and news. There is always something going on with Google, Social media platforms, and AI devs.

Theatre: Yes, I enjoy both seeing plays and reading them. Some of my favorite authors are Rafael Spregelburd, Bertolt Bretch, and Jean Paul Sartre.

Music: Well, this is obvious! I am a bass player, as well as an occasional guitarist. Once or twice, I even performed as a drummer. I really enjoy listening to my record collection 🙂

Also, I collaborate occasionally with La Cueva Cultural, a digital magazine about music, culture, and entertainment.

I am always looking forward to meeting new interesting people. If you want to start a conversation and learn more about what I do, drop me a line here on this contact form.

Also, you can find me on social media: