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Muse Discography Ranked: from their best to their worst album

We are going to chart Muse´s discography in this graphic, based on specialized reviews:

muse ranked discography


Muse, the band consisting on Matt Bellamy (vocals and guitar), Chris Wolstenhome (bass, backing vocals) and Dominic Howard (drums) seem to have reduced their impact over the years.

I have excluded the 2002 album Hullabaloo Soundtrack from this rank, as it is not properly a studio album but a compiled with rarities and live.

Which are Muse best albums?

It is not surprising at all that Origin of Symmetry (2001) and Absolution (2003) are tied, since the slight difference in favor of one over the other originates in the user evaluation. Origin of Symmetry has progressive, experimental, noise and pop overtones with tracks like Hyper music, Plug in Baby, Bliss or the classic cover of Feeling good. In my opinion, Absolution, Muse‘s third album, should take the cake: it is an excellently produced work, with tremendous songs like Butterflies and hurricanes, Stockholm syndrome, Hysteria and Time is running out.

2006’s Black Holes and Revelations ranks third: it is Muse‘s first album to venture into lighter pop rock, which was effective without losing freshness. Tracks like Starlight, Map of the problematique and Knights of Cydonia are classics in the group´s repertoire.

The debut Showbiz (1999) is well valued, which has surprised me: neither their songs nor their production is the best of the band. Indeed, they sounded more like a spin off of The Bends from Radiohead (1995) rather than a band with its own identity. Muscle museum and Sunburn are the must listen.

Which are Muse worst records?

Not that it is the worst, rather The Resistance was in 2009 a well received work. Uprising was a good example of a single. United States of Eurasia advanced one of Muse’s strategies from now on: orchestral bombast. And I think it is the last work that interested me by Muse, because from here I stopped following them.

Drones, released in 2012, is an album without lyrical creativity that tries to address themes related to a global plot. I write that it “tries” because it´s lyrics do not have any kind of poetry or elaboration. The music is not original either: Muse uses his usual tricks. Drones is in my opinion their worst production.

The 2nd Law: the first sign of exhaustion. Celebrated by some fans, it was the last release to accieve hits like Madness or Panic station. But still the album was not solid, but rather a series of stylistic jerks that in my opinion has not even stood the test of time among the fans of the band.

And finally, the most of the least: Simulation Theory of 2018. Muse became a band that saturated with their attempts at bombast, their huge and pretentious staging, finally entrusted to an eighties synth rock / pop that did nothing for nobody. Maybe that was the problem with Muse: trying to follow fashionable waves that are a bit late.

So like that, gone was the Muse that elaborated their arrangements and thought not merely of impact, but of how to make complex music that was attractive and at least generated hatred for Radiohead fans …

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