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Weezer´s influences: a short diagram

In this infographic we will review some of Weezer´s influences, alongside with some fact about Rivers Cuomo favorite artists:

weezer influencias rivers cuomo

This 2021 will see the release (yes, another one) of another Weezer album: Van Weezer. In addition, Ok Human was the surprise release of 2021. Although the band’s latest productions are not of their most important ones, the bands influences are something worthy to be analyzed. There are in fact some well-known fans of the self-titled debut (nicknamed Blue Album, 1994), Pinkerton (1996) and Make Believe (2005).

Which artists influenced Weezer?

One of the first bands that comes to mind when it comes to talking about influences on Weezer are the Beach Boys. That pop sound, those witty melodies and catchy choruses. Specifically, the great Pet Sounds is a favorite of Weezer singer-songwriter Rivers Cuomo, who has cited them for direct reference. We can also note the inclufence of the Beach Boys in the orchestral Weezer album Ok Human.

On the other hand, the pop influence also comes from the side of the new wave band The Cars, of the late Ric Ocasek. In fact, it was none other than him who produced Weezer’s debut album, the “blue record.” He also produced the Green Album (also called Weezer, from 2001) and the unfairly underrated 2014 work Everything will be Alright in the End.

Rivers Cuomo is known to be very studious and somewhat obsessive about his own composing methods. His methodical character led him to develop an “Encyclopedia of Pop” to analyze and determine how other bands composed their hits. In this “secret” document, he lists songs from Green Day, Oasis and especially Nirvana, which is one of Weezer´s main influences.

The references of metal glam Kiss are mentioned in the lyrics of In the Garage, from Weezer’s debut album. Elements of pompous heavy with pop airs appear in various songs of the band, such as Back to the Shack from 2014 or more recently the song The End of the Game, from the recent album Van Weezer, which is inspired in metal acts such as Van Halen and Kiss.

Bands and artists influenced by Weezer

Weezer is a band that at times has been great and at other times it has fallen for not great imitations of what is trending. The band isn mainly worthy because of their most iconic works, such as the Blue Album, Pinkerton, the Green Album and even the Red Album.

One of the world´s new pop stars, Charli XCX, has cited the song Beverly Hills from the album Make Believe as her favorite. Additionally, Rivers Cuomo has collaborated on the singer’s second album, Sucker (2014), with Charly celebrating the pop sensibility of the Weezer singer.

Nada Surf  have a similar sound -at least in principle- to Weezer. Their melancholic songs, with powerful emo pop choruses, have served them to gain some relevance towards the latter half of the nineties and early 2000s. Also, it was their 1996 debut High/Low that was produced by Ric Ocasek.

Among the many band companions on tour that Weezer has had is Blink 182. In this regard, the bassist of the punk pop trio, Mark Hoppus has related the honor of sharing a concert with one of his influences. Oddly enough, Weezer was the one who opened for his followers, Blink 182, who were the main number.

As a last mention, we will refer to other tour partners of Weezer: Fall Out Boy. Speaking of the postponed Hella Mega Tour, its bassist and main lyricist, Pete Wentz, was thrilled to be able to share the stage with two influential bands: Green Day and Weezer. As a note of color, Wentz has appeared in the video for Weezer Can’t knock the Hustle, from the 2019 Black Album.

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