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The Killers influences in 8 examples

Here we have an infographic on The Killers influences, with examples of who inspired them and who they have served as a reference:

the killers influencias musicales infografia

August 21, 2020: The Killers’ new album, Imploding by Mirage, has finally come out. What does the band fronted by Brandon Flowers sound like?

Which artists influenced The Killers?

For starters, we will begin by stating that Oasis is a huge inspiration for The Killers. Brandon Flowers has explained that an Oasis concert in 2002 had a lot to do which him starting the band. In addition, The Killers have repeatedly covered the Manchester band live.

We continue with two bands that are pillars for The Killers: one of them is Duran Duran (whom we will only mention) and the other is New Order. The emphasis on the second option is due to the fact that the album Get Ready (2001) inspired the image and even the name of The Killers. Just watch Crystal’s video to make it clear. Beyond this, the band have covered New Order’s previous incarnation Joy Division on their song Shadowplay (for their 2007 outtake album Sawdust). On the other hand, bassist Peter Hook is a reference for Mark Stoermer.

When conceptualizing their second album, Sam’s Town (2006), The Killers were inspired by the chronicles of American life characteristic of Bruce Springsteen. The influence specifically comes from the 1975 album Born to Run. Springsteen continued to be a common reference in The Killers future output.

El característico sonido de guitarras de The Killers tiene excusa: U2 es de las bandas preferidas del guitarrista Dave Keuning (que está “in hiatus” con la banda). Por citar una referencia, se ha comparado el sonido del clásico de los irlandeses en la canción I will follow con el de Midnight Show de The Killers.

The characteristic guitar sound of The Killers has a clear reference: U2 is one of the favorite bands of guitarist Dave Keuning (who is “in hiatus” with the band). The sound of the Irish classic in the song I will follow has been compared to that of The Killers’ Midnight Show.

An additional note here, which for space constrains I did not include in the infographic but I would have liked: On the side of drummer Ronnie Vannucci, his celebrated adventures in the kit have a particular idol as an influence: drummer Mit Mitchell, from the mythical Jimi Hendrix Experience. His technique, ability use the snare drum and fills is directly motivated by the skills of the reference of classic and psychedelic rock.

In other honorable mentions, The Killers has a three-song murder trilogy inspired by The Smiths: Leave The Bourbon On The Shelf, Midnight Show, Jenny was a friend of mine. And now we will see what happened to some fans of the band from Las Vegas.

Who were inspired by The Killers?

It is worth noting that The Killers are temporarily very close to their “influenced” bandz. I’ll start with the lesser known:

Metric is a contemporary band to The Killers. From somewhat punk and garage beginnings, they had a minor hit with Combat Baby in 2003. Now, since their album Fantasies (2009) the band took a similar path to the one that The Killers took a year earlier in Day & Age: a more electronic sound , pop rock with sand choruses. The song Breathing Under Water from the Synthetica album (2012) is a very good example of those who like The Killers, can find something pleasant in the approach in Metric.

In second place we will mention the lesser known – but quite good! – The Noisettes. Also contemporaries of The Killers, their sound has a lot in common. Definitely a recommended listening, you can turn to their rendition of the hit When You Were Young to find out more. The vocal performance of bassist and singer Shingai Shoniwa is truly remarkable and the rest of her band’s original catalog is worth listening to.

And now I will mention two other projects that are a bit more popular:

The most notorious, loved and criticized “debtors” are perhaps Imagine Dragons, also from Las Vegas. Their singer Dan Reynolds has described them as a wonderful band, with whom they have shared the stage on more than one occasion.

Finally I will mention Brendon Urie, singer (and only permanent member) of Panic! At The Disco, who has expressed his admiration for The Killers. He’s compared them to (oh …) Bruce Springsteen. The sound and stylistic basement, somewhat striking, of Panic! has been inspired by the Brandon Flowers band. Also, Brandon, Brendon … (Well, almost…not that part: P).

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