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The history of Garbage, Shirley Manson and Butch Vig told in a time line

The alternative rock band Garbage emerged in 1995, after Steve Marker saw singer Shirley Manson in the Angelfish video on MTV. Together with his two friends, producers Butch Vig and Duke Erikson, they discovered that she was the perfect vocalist for their new band. In this infographic we find the summarized story:

You can download the history of Garbage by clicking on the image below:

The Garbage history time line includes several spin-offs: Garbage‘s participation in various compilations throughout their career, various stand-alone singles, and in hiatus: Shirley Manson‘s participation in the TV series Terminator.

The band met with mainstream success since their debut album, the selftitled Garbage, which included hit songs like Only Happy When it Rains, Queer, Stupid Girl and Milk. Their second album, 1998´s Version 2.0 was also successful, with tracks like I think I´m Paranoid, Push it and The trick is to keep breathing.

Later records, like Beautiful Garbage (2001) and Bleed Like me (2005) met with average sales and reviews. With Not Your Kind of People (2012) the band came back and seemed to gain popularity, but not as much as in the mid nineties.

Their most recent album, Strange Little Birds (2016), was well received by critics and fans alike, but did not produce any major hits.

In 2021 No Gods No Masters was released, to positive reviews and a good response from the public.

Garbage studio discography

Here I will only list Garbage‘s studio albums. The band has always maintained its formation and has released the following albums:

  • Garbage (1995)
  • Version 2.0 (1998)
  • Beautiful Garbage (2001)
  • Bleed Like Me (2005)
  • Not Your Kind of People (2012)
  • Strange Little Birds (2016)
  • No Gods No Masters (2021)

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