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Angel Olsen: Whole New Mess (2020) Review

Truth to be told: I am not that big of a fan of “demo” albums. But I must say I have become quite fond of Angel Olsen´s 2020 release, Whole New Mess. This album serves as an “anternative take” on her most ambitious album yet, 2019´s All Mirrors. So let´s compare those records a little bit.

whole new mess angel olsen

  • Genre: folk pop/rock
  • Release: 2020
  • Personel: Angel Olsen + her guitar
  • Score: 8

Whole New Mess is a quiet album. Just Angel Olsen and her guitar. It has no percussion on it and no bass player, there is almost no other performer involved on the album. It was recorded in a far away church and as a result, it has a lot of natural reverb on the sound of Angel Olsen´s vocals and guitar.

Angel Olsen started her career as a folk singer, with not much production at all: just her outstanding voice and her guitar. In that sense, Whole New Mess has more in common with her first record, Half Way Home (2012) than with All Mirrors.

But most of the tracks on Whole New Mess are stripped out versions of All Mirrors overwhelming and orchestrated tracks. Both albums share the same 9 out of 11 tunes with slightly different titles. So, are we being ripped off with this “new” Angel Olsen record?

At first I thought of Whole New Mess just as that: smething Angel Olsen put out because the pandemic did not let her tour. But I bought the record anyways… And with repeated plays I just started to find it quite charming, open and honest. It is in fact a wonderful alternative version to All Mirrors. Perhaps only for fans, but it is a killer record.

Whole New Mess features two tracks that are not included in All Mirrors: the opener title track, Whole New Mess which is quite good and the extremely beautiful Waving, Smiling which is my favourite track on this album.

About the alternative takes, my personal highlights are Too Easy (Bigger than this) and Tonight (Without You). The minimalist version of Lark is also really nice. I must point out that the version of (New Love) Cassette sound a little bit too low quality, but I can forgive her because the rest of the album is a nice one to have in my collection.

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Whole New Mess

Waving, Smiling