David Bowie history time line infographic: part 2

As I commented on the previous time line infographics about David Bowie´s history, trajectory, characters and albums, to tell this artist´s story is nothing simple. David Bowie started his career in the mid sixties and in the previous post I wrote about the Berlin Trilogy. Now is time for the second part of this wonderful musician´s story and we start in 1980:


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To download the complete second part of this David Bowie time line click on the image below:

david bowie historia etapas infografia

Some highlights on David Bowie history, part 2

After the release of the Berlin trilogy David Bowie changed yet again his alter ego: at that time he chose the monicker Pierrot, who was some kind of clown or mime. It took him three years to come up with a follow up to that record, the successful Let´s Dance with it´s memorable title track.

It was in 1986 that David Bowie created yet another character, perhaps one of his most famous of this second part: Jareth the Goblin king. Along with this new Bowie Persona came the movie and the soundtrack Labyrinth, both in 1986. David Bowie starred on the film, as we know.

In the early nineties he would wander a little bit perhaps, with no big impact on sales and charts. It was at this time that he started the band Tin Machine, that released two albums. In my opinion, I think that 1997´s album Earthling is a standout of his nineties output.

Starting the new milenium he released some other good records like the overlooked Heathen (2002) and Reality (2003).

In 2013 he released another great album: The Next Day. The cover of the release was inspired in the one from his famous record Heroes, from 1997.

David Bowie´s last studio album was Blackstar, which came out in 2016, which was released in his birthday (January 8th) and two days before his death (January 10th, 2016). After that terrible loss, many compilation albums and box sets were released.

David Bowie Discography second era (1980-2016)

  • Scary Monsters (1980)
  • Let´s Dance (1983)
  • Labyrinth (1986)
  • Never Let Me Down (1987)
  • Black Tie White Noise (1993)
  • Outside (1995)
  • Earthling (1997)
  • Hours (1999)
  • Heathen (2002)
  • Reality (2003)
  • The Next Day (2013)
  • Blackstar (2016)

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